How do Internet marketers like Zak Folkman quickly get (dumb) people to open up their wallets online and make a killing?

It’s a very basic formula employed by the top affiliate marketers, Tai Lopez wannabe’s, and especially MLM distributors.

Here’s quick guide and analysis of Folkman’s funnel, and you’ll learn how to make tons of money in a short amount of time too!

The basic idea? Target nearly illiterate dumbasses, copy someone else’s funnel to a tee, and watch the dough roll in.

First off, just copy a funnel that’s already working. In Zak’s case, he copied Jared Goetz’s funnel.

Notice that he even copied the names.

Which is brilliant! Might as well remove as many variables as possible when you go to copy someone else’s business!

Then, of course you need a crazy claim in an insane time period.

Because the average joe is very lazy, it is absolutely crucial that you claim that it takes very little time, effort, or frustration.

People with very low IQ are always trying to do crazy things without putting any effort in. This is your exact target market.

Use a super long, extremely overhyped ad with a hot chick. Possibly add a Lamborghini if you can.

Hot chicks = authority!

(If Dan Bilzerian and Tai Lopez had a baby, he would look like Zak Folkman)

Zak’s #1 mistake with his ad was not including a Lamborghini. Below is a great example of how you SHOULD be posed when you make your next ad.

And of course, make the ad so damn long that once someone starts reading it, they feel like it’s a waste of their life if they don’t click your ad.

Use a webinar sign up page that also contains insane claims. 

The more insane the claim, the bigger the sucker you catch!

Trick #1 – Saying that it’s a live webinar… when it was obviously automated. Visiting the page at any time shows that the next web-class is always in 15 minutes.

Trick #2 – Saying that there’s only 200 spots left in the video. In the video that proceeds this, he actually fucks up and says there’s 1,000 spots. This is honestly fine, because dumb people can’t count anyways.

Now that we’re actually on the webinar…

Create social proof by telling your people that you have 20 brands making 7-figures. Don’t worry about lying though, dumb people don’t realize that someone who makes 8 figures probably doesn’t need to make a webinar teaching people their secrets.

Have a super long story that is EXTREMELY similar to Tai Lopez and other internet marketers (almost identical). Literally, all you gotta do is copy Tai Lopez’s story, because it tricks the most amount of people. There’s no point to deviate from this script.

  • Was super broke at one point.
  • Got a “mentor”
  • Took time to “grind and learn” the ropes of eCommerce!
  • He has NO experience, just a normal dude who has no skills in technology.
  • Some amazing story of some “mindset shift” that allowed him to get some crazy amount of money.

Of course, here is where you reiterate that with “like 2-3 hours a day of eCommerce work” you’ll make $30k in a day EASY!

Add testimonials from people who are the “average joe” – generally its a great idea to say they’re college students who are uneducated, poor, etc.

Since you’re appealing to this group mostly, this is CRUCIAL to your funnel. The best way to do this is to hire a bunch of people for $10 / hour off Craigslist.

The only advice I’d give to Zak is that I wasn’t very convinced by his video testimonial. It would have been 10x better if the guy didn’t sound like he was reading from a script.

Call your secret method something SUPER SIMILAR to your copied funnel, but change it a little bit.

Zak calls his method “DROP-SCALING.”

You want to copy the funnel almost exactly, but not with every term the exact same. As you can see, in the original funnel copied by Zak, Jared called his method “DROPSURFING.”

Again, as close as you can copy it to a working funnel, the better.

Show a basic example with “PROOF”

This is where you really get your customer — hook, line, and sinker.


The Internet marketers’ #1 best tactic for closing sales right on the webinar.

He did reveal his site, which was a major mistake. AVOID DOING THIS!

Because doing a quick search shows that his site has almost no traffic, which is no good for a site that does 7-figures. Luckily if you’re targeting a dumb audience, they won’t be able to do this much research into your brand. So I guess, you can reveal the site if you want.

As a bonus.

Just copy whatever Tai Lopez does. Get a video in your garage, of course.

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