What is HYPERLUSH all about?

There has never been a time where “celebrity” or “influence” has been more attainable.

The Internet equalized us all by giving us access to tools like Instagram and Facebook.

Social media has taken over the world, and today’s celebrities are called “influencers.”

Instead of needing to fit a particular mold, Instagram models have come in all sizes and shapes and ethnicities. Now girls under 5′ 10″ and bigger than a size 0 are still highly desired by brands, companies, and even fashion shows.  (See Sommer Ray, Ashley Graham).

Comedians and actors can create content on YouTube and create their own fanbase instead of having to go through audition after audition and facing the subjective eyes of Hollywood execs. This means more ethnic minorities are seeing popularity and fame in the mainstream media (see Ricegum, Nigahiga).

And we’re seeing a massive rise of the “personal brand as a business.” Influencers aren’t just influencers. They’re entrepreneurs, brands, and household names  (see Kylie Jenner, Michelle Phan).

HYPERLUSH was created to highlight the celebrities of today. But not just to celebrate their success. HYPERLUSH was created to dissect and learn from each and every influencer. How did they go from 0 to 10m followers?

And how do you turn your passion into a money-making venture?

How many of you have heard the following?

You’re never going to do it.

You’ll never make a successful business.

You’ll never become a famous singer/actor/comedian/star.

Why don’t you just get a 9-5? That’s safer.

Who’s ever heard those words before?

HYPERLUSH is here to give you the support necessary to help achieve your goals, create influence, and learn from those that have been here before you.

How do you make your goals happen? How do you succeed and be happy with your life?

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

We’re enlisting the help of some of the best young entrepreneurs and influencers on the planet to teach you not only HOW to make things happen, but also INSPIRE you to take the action necessary.

If you want to learn from:

  • Fashion & beauty influencers who make money from selling their newsfeed.
  • Fitness models who’ve made their own clothing brands.
  • Hustlers who overcame insurmountable odds to create an amazing life.
  • Nerds who hacked the system for their own advantage.

Then HYPERLUSH is the publication you want to read.

We like Jay-Z a lot here at HYPERLUSH.
We like Jay-Z a lot here at HYPERLUSH.


But we’re going to make it interesting as f*ck.

HYPERLUSH will feature long-form editorials, videos, and interviews. We’re here to take editorial coverage of influencers to another level. We’re here to make “influencership” available to everyone. And lastly, we’re here to inspire and push YOU to achieve your dreams.