There are tons of really great articles on the web on how to grow your business. In fact there’s so much information out there that it’s very hard to siphon between the good advice and the bad advice.

Today we’re doing something different. We’re showing you 5 growth hackers that are producing the best content right now. This is the content that will really help your startup grow and flourish.

And furthermore, we tried to show you guys 5 people that maybe not all of you have heard about.

1) Bryan Harris of VideoFruit

Bryan Harris has been one of my favorite growth bloggers recently because every post of his is in-depth and shows exactly what he did and the results he got. That’s so powerful because it gives us proof that his methods work. Not only that, but each blog post could be a course on its own, and he gives it all out for free.

Most useful piece of content lately: How to launch a course and make $220,750 in 10 days

2) Brian Dean of Backlinko

Brian Dean publishes articles with a lot of “case studies” which are very useful because it helps us to grasp certain concepts. Instead of saying things like, “Guestblog”, he actually shows HOW a certain blogger guest posted, and the results he got from that guest post.  Furthermore every single post is super detailed and extremely well written.

Most useful piece of content lately: Viral Marketing Case Study: How a Brand New Blog Generated 17,584 Visitors In One Day

3) Sujan Patel of

Sujan Patel shines because his content is very targeted to people looking for content marketing tips. Although the blog at is relatively new, each post delivers quite a punch. I’m also sure that Mr. Sujan Patel must be doing well with his $27 e-book, 100 Days of Growth, which we are giving away for free right now in our latest giveaway.

Most useful piece of content lately: 100+ Ways to Promote Your Content

4) Eric Siu of GrowthEverywhere

The content on GrowthEverywhere is mostly interviews. That’s not a bad thing because Eric Siu has interviewed some of the top minds in the biz. Guys like Derek Halpern, Zac Johnson, and even Tucker Max. Each interview delivers a ton of value, and you’ll definitely be able to find something to help grow your business.

Most useful piece of content lately: Derek Halpern Drops Knowledge On How He Built A 300,000 Subscriber E-mail List

5) Brian Balfour of CoElevate

Brian Balfour has been getting more and more well-known lately because he’s the VP of Growth of Hubspot. And we all know how freakin’ awesome Hubspot is at growing. Each article has amazing tactics to help you build a “growth machine” for your website.

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