A young Girl Scout has broken her own record of Girl Scout cookie sales, which she just set last year. Meet the machine that is posing as a 13-year-old.

Whereas most young Girl Scouts are happy selling a few boxes of cookies a day, Katie Francis, a Girl Scout Cadette, takes things to a whole new level, evidenced by her record-breaking sales of 22,200 boxes. You break that number down and she is selling 432 boxes per week or 60 boxes per day! Unbelievable. If she were playing sports, a professional team would have drafted her or signed her up to a long-term deal.

This Feb. 3, 2014 photo shows Katie Francis, 11, posing for a photo in Oklahoma City. Francis says she asks everyone she meets to buy Girl Scout cookies and has broken the organization's decades-old sales record by a margin about the size of a Thin Mint. Francis sold 18,107 boxes in the seven-week sales period that ended Sunday, March 23, 2014. The previous mark was set by Elizabeth Brinton, who sold approximately 18,000 one year in the 1980s. (AP Photo/The Oklahoman, Doug Hoke)

She’s so good, in fact, that she’s already had multiple job offers and motivational-­speaking gigs, including speaking to a university’s entire business department. This month, she’s been pegged to address the Oklahoma’s Professional Sales Association with her presentation, “Setting Goals, Breaking Records – Sales Success Tips from a Girl Scout.”

And selling a mountain of cookies isn’t the only thing she’s accomplished in her young life. Per the Oklahoma City Professional Sales Association webpage, Katie studies piano, voice, flute and dance, as well as performing in her school band, choir, drama club and church choir.


Katie opens up about her own tactics to being a great salesperson which we can all learn from.

– Smile. No one wants to buy from a person who is frowning.
– Look and act like a professional.
– Pass out business cards.
– Don’t waste time trying to convince naysayers. Move on and find the yesses.
– Work hard. Francis works 12 to 13 hour days on the weekends.
– Know your product. She knows everything about those cookies.
– Appeal to consumer needs.

He strategy involves several layers. First, to get the attention of potential customers, Katie sings songs from the movie “Frozen” with lyrics adapted to benefits of cookies. The girl is so smart, she then uses motivational triggers to help with sales, focusing on their hunger, impulsiveness, pity, inner philanthropist, and sweet tooth.


Francis also emphasizes the important aspect of any business. Know what you’re selling. ‘‘There is more than one way to sell a cookie,’’ Francis says. She can provide the list of ingredients for every cookie and point out which cookies are ­gluten and nut-free.


Also, Katie doesn’t succeed on her own. She has the support of her mother, who stores up to 10,000 boxes of cookies in her garage at a time during the two-month cookie-­selling season. She also handles the money as well as the logistics of transporting the goods. When she isn’t available, Katie recruits other adults who are willing to give a ride.

Asked if she ever indulges on her own product, Katie responds with disapproval. ‘‘It’s better,’’ she says, ‘‘not to eat your product.’’

Because otherwise, you’re eating your profits. We would wish her good luck, but we know she doesn’t need it.

Source: New York Times