If you’re a smoker, these 5 startups will make your life awesome.

Marijuana is here to stay. Legalization of the drug is imminent, and analysts predict it could be worth $35 billion by 2020.

If you’re looking to get into any “hot” business, weed might be it. In fact Forbes thinks that legal cannabis is the best startup opportunity for 2015.

In Washington, marijuana revenue grew from $2 million to $31.9 million this last June, netting a total of $180 million in the past 12 months. Colorado raked in $305 million in weed revenues in 2014.

California will be the next state to potentially pass the legalization bill. If passed that could quickly lead the rest of the country to legalize marijuana as well.

Already we’re seeing an awesome number of pot startups. Here are five of our favorites.


PotBox is a subscription service for medical cannabis. Recently they became very popular after getting a ton of press on sites like Mashable. I’m sure these guys are already killing it.


According to their site:

“Potbox delivers the highest quality, most ethically grown… cannabis available straight to your front door, with strains and blends curated to meet the patient’s desired experience.”

Each delivery contains a quarter ounce of pot and currently is available in SF and LA. Of course, the price is pretty high, $150 for a quarter ounce, while market price for such an amount of weed is only $60. You are paying for a few things: 1) Quality, and 2) Great Packaging.


The “Yelp” for dispensaries, Weedmaps makes it easy for anyone to review dispensaries and weed strains online. This way you can know that the dispensary you’re visiting is carrying the high quality strain you want to smoke.


Weedmaps has certainly become a mainstay in the weed startup scene, with CEO Justin Hartfield becoming quite known amongst weed startup circles. Business Insider called him the “The First Venture Capitalist of The Pot Industry.”


Want weed that will knock you out? There’s a strain for that. Want weed that makes you feel EXTREMELY euphoric? There’s a strain for that.


Leafly is the website you go to if you want to learn & discover new strains of marijuana. For stoners, this is truly an amazing website.

According to an interview with Engadget, the founder created Leafly because he himself was overwhelmed with the amount of weed strains in the world, and aimed to create a resource to help simplify the decision of which weed to purchase.


It’s Facebook for stoners. People who smoke can use MassRoots to find other friends nearby to smoke with. According to their homepage, this is what MassRoots is all about:

Find smoking buddies near you, share your toking experiences, connect with local dispenseries and headshops, and post up photos and videos of the dang nugs that you’re smoking.


The app allows you post pictures of you smoking without having to fear the repercussions if the same pictures were posted on Facebook. Furthermore you can network with other weed smokers near you and make new friends that way.

Recently it’s filed for a public IPO to get traded as a penny stock.


Finally, the app that stoners have been looking for. HighThere is Tinder for smokers. Swipe left and right and find people that are interested in toking with you.

There are several apps in the weed dating space, but HighThere is definitely one of the most impressive ones. We love the interface, and we think its poised for great things.

I also love their blog, where users post their weed dating stories.