In a recent AMA on reddit, a Cornell admissions officer named Nelson Ureña answered questions on the admissions process at Cornell and other Ivy League schools.

One of the main questions asked was how to make your application stand out in a field of many applicants.

His answer?

Demonstrate passion in one or two fields and show that you can turn your passions into assets.

How do you do that?

“…you should look for ways to create tangible evidence of your passion in specific activities. Awards, projects, narratives, photos, portfolios, letters of recommendations, transcripts etc. are examples of tangible assets which you could add value to your application.”

And a great example of a student who did just that:

“I remember reading an application from a student applying to the Meteorology program at Cornell. This student had built a weather station in his house and was reporting the weather to a local news channel. This student very brilliantly turned his passion into an asset.”

Great news for entrepreneurs, if you want to get into a good business school then show that you know how to make a business. Make that business before you apply, and then get in.

Of course, the real entrepreneurs will already be so successful that they’ll probably drop out after a year or two.

Source: Business Insider