What was once one of my favorite and most beloved YouTube channels and brands has now become yet another Internet marketing company. 😥

What used to be a fun YouTube channel where 3 underdogs would go out and teach you how to pick up women, has been rebranded as “JUMPCUT” which is now just a series of Internet Marketing courses.

What was great about each of the 3 Simple Pickup guys is they weren’t the typical White jock types.  They were guys who no girl would ever deem remotely attractive, yet they were still able to pick-up girls. An inspiration to us all.

Like imagine being Lewis Howes and trying to get people to relate to your privileged upbringing. You’re 6’4″, extremely handsome, and nearly made it to the NFL. As an Internet personality, you’re at a big disadvantage. No impoverished upbringing. No ethnic background. You’re basically the poster child of being a privileged kid in America.

But THESE guys came from rags to riches, in both money and women. And they truly made an impact on the world. All 3 of them had an Asian background, and the fact that they killed it with women probably gave hope to millions of Asian kids around the world. AND they were killing it with their program, Project Go, which was teaching the younger generation HOW to become better with women.

Unfortunately, now they’ve entered an industry where almost anyone is quick to resort to any tactics in order to make a quick buck.

Of course, it’s probably profitable. Wildly profitable. Otherwise they wouldn’t have given up their entire other business to get into it.

My biggest complaint isn’t that they’re trying to sell courses.

The problem is that my the once highly-respected Kong is now giving me emails that are written exactly like old Internet marketing letters.

What used to be an innovative company that made awesome and creative YouTube videos, is now just sending me the same formulaic emails that used to get non-stop when I read every Internet marketing guru’s content.

The unfortunate part is, they’re about 4 years behind. Passive income hasn’t been cool since Pat Flynn was the king of the Internet marketing game.

What happened to the guys that were known for getting girls to ride Sybians?

What happened to my favorite porn star, King Kong Dong?

30 pounds heavier, but the same blue shirt, and now we have Internet marketer Kong.

To the great people running Jumpcut…

Is there anyway we can get our favorite YouTube channel back?

Or has selling yourself out taken you way too far away from that realm?

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