There’s a term for the financial exploitation of young Japanese schoolgirls. That term is joshi kousei or “JK.”

According to Shihoko Fujiwara, the founder of a Japanese anti-human-trafficking nonprofit:

“The JK Business is a blight on Japanese society Japan has a culture where sex is something to be merchandised and sold. Many people don’t see that as a problem — neither women nor men. But when young women and girls are tricked, deceived, and exploited in that business, it’s a human rights problem.”

Recently, VICE news reported on an establishment in Japan called Club Kurione where men could pay to watch High School aged girls in underwear fold paper cranes. The men would sit behind a one way mirror to be as creepy as they possibly could to watch these young girls.

Why paper cranes? According to a Japanese children’s book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, the main character is diagnosed with leukemia after suffering radiation poisoning from World War II. According to Japanese lore, one can be granted a wish if you fold 1,000 paper cranes, so she attempts to fold cranes every day before she eventually succumbs to death.

Tickets to the paper crane show would cost about $40, and buyers would be seated in a room with a one-way mirror ceiling. Yup, I said ceiling. Customers could watch for 40 minutes and purchase additional time for $8 per 5 minutes. Apparently, prices also went up or down depending on the “quality” of the young girl they were seeing. The club was eventually raided last May and three of the club’s executives were arrested because they had hired underage girls for the club.

Sex is a huge business in Japan, and underage sex has become a national problem.

You can watch the full VICE documentary below:

Source: VICE