Imagine this scene.

It’s 2035 and your robot girlfriend and you are on vacation on Elon Musk’s colony in mars.

As you flip through your contact lens for the latest news, you see that…

Stormi Jenner’s latest post is popping up on Instagram, where she’s advertising her new cosmetics line for pre-teens.

The Rock just won as the President of the United States.

Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe again.

You fill your vape with MDMA liquid and take another puff. Then you put on your VR goggles so you can change your robot girlfriend to look like the latest Instagram model.

We like to call it the “postmodern dystopia.”

HYPERLUSH is the publication that analyzes what’s happening in this crazy social media fueled world, where Instagram models are the new celebrities, and technology is advancing at a pace so rapid that human interaction might be replaced by virtual interaction.

But even with the potential of an AI apocalypse… we’re still excited.

We’re here to give a voice to all the madness. Sometimes we’ll be serious. Sometimes we’ll be satirical. Who knows wtf we’re doing, really.

Are we fucked?


But at least it’ll be interesting.